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Title: Any dealings w/ Pain in the ...
Post by: k64 on 29 May 2020, 06:10:42 pm
Anyone ever had any dealings w/

All I'm seeing so far is Delays & Excuses, Resubmit...Repeat, even from home/Lowes; all the while this ID Management & Marketing Company sells your info to shady third-parties. All this hassle for Military Discounts at Lowes, Bass Pro Shops and more.  At Lowes all that use to be needed was a Military ID... NOT any more! I'm helping my dad with this new digital enemy. 

They clam to help leading brands "use a gated, exclusive offers" (SPAM You Mindless) "to capture and retain high-value customers" (Dystopian Propaganda Marketing) from lucrative segments such as students, teachers, and the military. 
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Post by: Jason Knight on 29 May 2020, 09:57:49 pm
Never heard of it, but even a casual inspection of their main page sets my BS alarm blaring. Particularly when with all the "glittering generality" marketspeak doubletalk. Moment you see such bullshit bingo as "Identity marketing" or "consumer tribes" just run. OF COURSE it's a scam.

That they mixed an illegible blue-cyan on white across multiple sections likely also means some known-nothing PSD jockey under the DELUSION that they're a web designer also scammed them; so what goes around comes around.

I mean seriously, all their rhetoric reeks of the typical "White collar criminal marketing scam" nonsense custom crafted to take advantage of suits who themselves spew such lie-laden glittering generalities.

I can imagine one of their in-house business meetings now... I think it would go something like this:
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Post by: k64 on 30 May 2020, 09:23:27 pm
After further investigations looks like some businesses are NOT Honoring DD-214 Veteran Designation on their drivers license; they rather punish them with shady marketing schemes for a discount. Honor it simply or NOT at all.

Real smart, just keep poking an army who knows how to kill you a 101 ways... Just saying!  Sure you will loose a little on a sale, but Good PR and a Army will shop there instead of going to your competitors business.

Looks like Home Depot has dropped Military Discounts? ( If you search for Military Discounts on Home Depots site results in Military Related Item's they want to sell you... How Sad.

DDG search returns these armed forces discounts ( Some of these looks real fishy to me. A word to the WISE - Be On Alert For These Weasels!
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Post by: Jason Knight on 31 May 2020, 12:43:54 am
There are certain groups that make for "easy marks". These groups are often filled with hope, desperation, and naivete.

Topping the list of said groups are the very young, the elderly, the poor, and the unemployed. Sadly due to how America spits out its veterans as broken people with zero practical civilian-side skills being poor and unemployed is the common state for many, with being broken and not used to the differences between civilian life bringing a strange mix of both naivete and world-weariness.

... hence why veterans are as big a bunch of marks as retired seniors, teenagers, or the critically ill. Because the people who would go looking for a discount of any sort are desperate, they are primed to believe anything that sounds good no matter what a nonsensical fairy tale is being weaved.

Thusly if you're out to build a scam, or maintain a scam, targeting discounts for military or former service -- particularly their families -- tops the list. It's also why when profiteering scam artists end up in power, they gut SNAP benefits for military families, the VA, and so forth. JUST as how on the non-military side they talk about gutting Social Security, SNAP, WIC, student loan relief, etc, etc.

You would think the most profit from scams could be made from the rich -- the joke "I gotta start stealing from rich people" -- but unless they are facing a critical or chronic illness they make some of the worst marks. The poor on the other hand are so desparate for relief they will let you fleece them of everything just out of the blind hope the false promises are true.

It's why check cashing places and rent-a-center -- aka legalized theft -- become more and more prevalent the poorer the neighborhoods. It's something the rich have known for ages, the poor are easier to exploit to make you richer.

Hence why when I see these types of sites and their claims of "discounts" it sets off my bullshit alarm.
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Post by: sunfighter on 31 May 2020, 12:01:46 pm
Don't forget to add churches and the money hungry pastors to this list. Religion targets the poor and the elderly to fleece them for their savings. The big push to reopen churches and expose people to covid and charge up the carriers ,who spread the disease to others, is from the need for donations not for praying. The income of these 'preachers from hell' is from tithing or maybe spell that as thieving, and that has fell off due to the stay at home orders. These evil people what the sheep back in church just to get more money.
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Post by: k64 on 31 May 2020, 03:15:36 pm
Isaiah 5:20-23 20 - Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! 22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: 23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

Psalm 27:1 - The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Yea, I'm one of those Gun Toting, Bible Believers Myself!

There are good preachers and denominations and bad ones... you have to know what to look for and not be deceived.

I know there will be another question coming on how I test them:

Revelation 22:18 - For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

Revelation 22:19 - And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and [from] the things which are written in this book.

If anyone wishes to learn more go here: (
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Post by: Jason Knight on 31 May 2020, 05:57:28 pm
I was going to include the ignorant fools of "faith" in that assessment, but my cup hath run over on my hatred and bigotry on the subject of late. Evangelicals, racists, and just plain guys from Montana have given me far too much to get upset over in recent years, and I've been stewing about it for far, far too long.

But yes, once you convince the rank and file morons and fools that there's a magical genocidal maniac in the sky threatening you with eternal torment if you don't do EXACTLY what some moldy old contradictory tome filled with unbelievable fairy tales tells you to do, because he loves you? The kid gloves come off on the sheer volume of BS you prime people to believe. Religion and "belief" literally prime the pump for every two bit snake oil peddler and carnival barker with a two dollar prayer book to prey upon those who really should know better.

A bald faced LIE on the best of days where ANY perceived good it contains is little more than the marketing blurb. It is rooted in confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, and a slew of propaganda techniques, Religion compromises rational thought and exists as NOTHING MORE than an outright scam. Those who "believe" acting like dirtbags and yet being utterly blind to how ****ing stupid they act and sound.

Sure they use the WORDS tolerance, love, and enlightenment, but that's all they are for "faith" -- WORDS. Words that in context hold no more weight than the half-assed ignorant nonsensical claims that people blindly parrot about how bootcrap is somehow magically "easier". They SAY tolerance, they promote racism and xenophobia. They SAY love, they spout hatred. They SAY enlightenment, but all that's peddled from the pulpit is ignorance. Mind-numbingly dumbass ignorance.

Their moldy old tome of lies not even being able to be consistent with itself. Take what should probably be the most important of the ten step program, thou shalt not kill.

Unless they worship a different faith. (Exodus 22:19, Zechariah 13:3, Deuteronomy more than half the damned book) Unless they're gay (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:24-32), or a wise woman (Exodus 22:17), or fornicators and adulterers (Leviticus 20:10 and 21:9), or strikes their father (Exodus 21:15), or a mouthy kid (Proverbs 20:@0), or non-virgins on their wedding night (Deuteronomy 22:20-21), or blasphemers (Leviticus 24:10-16), or for working on Saturdays -- well, Sundays by the modern misinterpretation -- (Exodus 31:12-15)...

But yeah, thou shalt not kill. Of course the typical response we get from these mouth-breathers to that is "well that's the old testament, we have a new covenent with Christ"... Then why are you getting so upset over the ten commandments being taken out of court buildings?

It's all endless mindless halfwitted lame excuses so that they can continue believing their comfortable ignorant lie.

Because of course Jesus shows so much tolerance and forgiveness to those thousand pigs, the fig tree, and of course money-changers.

Admittedly that last one is a Jesus I could solidly get behind. More than a few times I've been tempted to walk into the Wall Street exchange to start flipping over tables and chase the money-grubbers around with a flail.

ALL of the propaganda techniques used to run a scam are to be found in religion. It uses the words of righteousness mated to ritualistic indoctrination, bandwagon, and glittering generality to peddle its lies, and to establish and "us vs. them" mentality against those who don't subscribe to the same fairy tale. This then extends to xenophobic rhetoric to help further that agenda and the mental co-dependency so important to maintain the lie.

See things like Mormon "missionary work" which has NOTHING to do with trying to convert people to the faith! It's all about the fact that non-Mormons react... poorly... to the missionaries on their doorstep, further reinforcing the notion in these impressionable young adults that those not of the faith are not good people and "don't you want to stay here with us in the Church?". It's about painting non-Mormons as dirtbags to the faithful. One of the many forms of mental-reinforcement used to bypass rational thought to establish cognitive dissonance.

People WANT the faith to be about peace and love, so it is even as it spews hatred and intolerance. People WANT to belong to a group of decent people or to believe that those they were raised with are same, even as they perform the most indecent and intolerant of acts. People WANT to believe that there is someone in charge of this mess they can have a close personal relationship with to "forgive" them... and so they do.

Even when it's all a fairy tale riddled with bald faced LIES. As our blessed St. George of the Church of Reason would say:

"Religion takes in billions of dollars, pays none of the taxes, and they always need a little more. Now You want a good bullshit story? HOLY SHIT!"

And the ease with which those of faith can be manipulated and preyed upon by scam artists and even bigger lies seems be directly proportional to how "devout" they are. The more they believe, the bigger the mark. It's how we have halfwits who think that our "really stable genius" president with the IQ of a house-plant is the second coming. It's how they end up believing the rhetoric of hatred and ignorance spewed by scumbucket wastes of flesh like Pat Robertson or Alex Jones...

... and it's why Westboro Baptist, the NLFT, and the KKK are nothing more than Christianity in it's most basic, truest, and purest form. No less the natural end-game of the lies and hatred spewed by collar wearing snake oil peddlers than ISIS or Hezbollah. That's what religion is, it's what history and every bit of evidence says it is, and anyone telling themselves otherwise is bullshitting themselves and allowing others to pack them full of even more bullshit.

Hence why they're very much near the top of the list of easy marks. Particularly if you play to their pre-conceived prejudices. Hence how equally blatant lies can be shoved into these know-nothings heads by Fox News, whilst they sit there screaming "fake news" about anything that contradicts what Fox or Sinclair media is telling them.

It is no wonder at that point that the overlap between said bible-thumping dipshits and these utter tools screaming right now about "America" and "Freedom" and "Rights" out there waving their penis extensions around on state building steps. The ones who don't know enough about freedom, liberty, or the inherent limits of same to even flap their damned yap on the topic.

Aka -- as I've said many the time the past decade -- those who wave the flag highest, stand tallest for the tone-deaf anthem that used to be a drinking song, and recite the socialist pledge of ritualistic indoctrination the loudest are ALWAYS first in line to trample on everything those SYMBOLS are supposed to represent. They worship the flag and the trappings of nationalism like cut rate idolaters, wanting to enshrine the 2nd amendment as if it were a commandment, whilst more than happy to wipe their backside with the Constitution and the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Which is why I think that if they're going to believe the bullshit in the Bible, they should crack that book open and read up on the parts condemning false Gods and idolatry.

See the "Karens" and "Beer swilling wife-beater wearing Joe's" out there right now not social distancing, not wearing masks, and screaming about how being asked to wear a mask or to not make unneccessary social gatherings is a violation of their "rights". BULL-***ING-SHIT!!!. Your rights end the MOMENT it treads upon or endangers the rights, well being, or liberty of others. This is why murder, rape, and theft can be illegal without being rights violations. If this was something like AIDS, and a black homosexual knew he was exposed to a partner who had the disease, these same asshats out there screaming about their "rights" would be calling for the death penalty if he went around without precautions possibly infecting others.

... and that's why I think these jokers running around screaming about how they need a haircut, or that being asked to wear a mask is a rights violation need to be charged with attempted murder, if not outright murder charges. Yes, MURDER. Why? It's premeditated!

See the deep south ass-clown preachers hiring buses to bring their faithful in. If ANY of their flock catches the disease, charge them with attempted murder. If their parishoners die from it, full on murder charges. Lock these faith-wielding predatory scumbags away in the deepest darkest pit of despair, and have Space-X come up with a way to launch the key into the sun.

I used to think that if people took the time to actually read the Bible instead of having select cherry picked passages read to them once a week, we'd have a lot less religious whackjobs. I have regrettably come to the conclusion that with the sheer level of outright worshiping sociopathic behavior, even without Religion the vast majority of people will remain racist, sexist, ignorant asses incapable of showing even a modicum of decency.

Much less actual empathy and compassion. In fact the vast majority of faith-tards being so utterly lacking in care about anyone else, it truly fits the textbook definition of both sociopathy and psychopathy. (The only difference atwixt the two being nurture vs. nature) Religion TEACHES people to be sociopaths, as does current mainstream American society. You can hear it from people right now where it's all *I* want a haircut, *I* want to go in and sit down at the restaurant, *I* want to go to the beach or to a huge party.

Me, me, me, me, me, f*** everyone else.  The TEXTBOOK example of sociopathic and/or psychopathic behavior.

Which is the same thing as every time they "thank god" for something stupid, ignoring all the things that IF this creepy old genocidal maniac actually exists curses the innocent with. Because it's ALL about THEM and their close personal relationship with a fairy tale whackjob in the sky.

Hence you can take your King James piss poor translation with all the stuff added to it and removed from it for the SOLE PURPOSE of persecuting minority groups in England, and shove it where the unregulated nuclear reactor in the sky fails to cast its light.

Ah... this is in the Zoo, right? Yup, ok. I can say this in the Zoo. It's where we keep the animals.
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Post by: coothead on 31 May 2020, 06:47:46 pm
The lie starts with "The word of God". ::)

There  has never been "The word of God" ,
just the false words of man.  :(

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Post by: k64 on 31 May 2020, 08:48:01 pm
Isaiah 5:20-21 - Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

I did not start this fight, but I will defend myself and my faith.  All I was looking for if SheerID was shady or not and point out some alarming trends against veterans and others that's all.
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Post by: sunfighter on 1 Jun 2020, 10:59:10 am
Once again the elegant lengthy orator of DS far surpasses anything I could add, but I fear no evil and walk bravely into the valley. Woe unto them that call evil good as you do about religion (christianity). The evil it has done speaks for itself.
You lost all cridiblity as a peace loving man/woman with the "...I'm one of those Gun Toting, Bible Believers Myself!" line. What happened to the "believe in the lord BS". Gun Toting ends that.
By the way I'm a GUN TOTING Atheist, but I bet you own more guns than I do. I believe you only need one to do the job. My other four are just for backup.

I did not start this fight...
YES. You did! No one here ever quoted the bible to defend a good or a bad point.

No one here ever said
..I will defend myself and my faith.

We are reasonable men here, with maybe one exception, so why not start a thread defending your belief and see how long it takes DS to show you the truth. Think of this like grade school where the older boys tell you 'there is no santa claus'.
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Post by: Jason Knight on 1 Jun 2020, 03:59:14 pm
Never meant for this to be a "fight", but that you take the comments so personally speaks volumes of the level of brainwashing you've been subjected to.

The techniques by which scams are marketed; well documented propaganda techniques ; modes and methodologies that these places preying upon veterans with use; are the same ones that religion and politics have used to time immemorial to sell bald faced lies to the public.

These techniques bypass rational thought in ways that cause permanent cognitive dysfunction, which is why the more devout someone tends to be -- the more they already believe nonsense -- the more likely it is that they will believe a scam artist.

I wrote about said techniques at length over on DigitalPoint. I should probably make a proper article out of that for this website as knowing, recognizing, and understanding the 7 core propaganda techniques are the key to instantly recognizing bullshit artists. Be they a collar wearing fool at the pulpit, a suit wearing tool in politics, or a Russian Internet huckster sitting at home in their underwear churning out cookie-cutter scams to prey on people at their weakest and most vulnerable.

Though once you know them, understand them, and learn to bypass the brain damage to recognize them when used, it's like having just lost a street fight with Roddy Piper and being forced to wear Hoffman lenses for the first time.


... and I do mean brain damage, or at least cognitive dysfunction. See the studies that tie religious fundamentalism to under-function of; damage to; or even lesions on;  the prefrontal cortex.

A subject I learned about from having my debilitating headaches diagnosed as being caused by over-function of my ventromedial PFC, which apparently renders me immune to "belief" without facts or reason. Most of the common propaganda techniques fail on me, as does my ability to "believe" in something just because other people believe it despite a lack of any proof, reason, logic, or reality to it. My neurologist said that it's entirely possible that I'm "chemically and physiologically incapable of religious belief".

I think it would be hilarious if the degree of faith one is capable of turns out to by physiological instead of psychological. Make me throw all these psych texts I have here in the bin.

That part of the brain controls how you decipher new information, and is what most propaganda techniques used by scams attempt to bypass or exploit flaws in. It's the same mechanism of exploiting hope, fear, and ignorance that politics and religion do.

There's a reason even Goebbels stood in rock star AWE of religion and how it worms its way into the social consciousness. AND why he patterned most of the propaganda and bunk he was peddling on the same techniques and methodologies. Hence the general lack of difference between Röhm's brown shirts and a significant portion of the current "militia-like" organizations out there screaming about their "freedoms" and "liberty" without understanding what either word means, much less the inherent limitations of same.

NOT to go all "Godwin's Law" on this... but if the jackboot fits.