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Title: Arcadeencasa website
Post by: fgm on 24 Jun 2020, 08:46:00 am
Hello, this is my take on making an accesible website based on my learning and examples from CutCodeDown. It's a fully static website generated by a local poor man CMS PHP application:

Server side the main drawbacks are the lacking for a proper 404 page and gzip compression. For peace of mind I prefer to use OpenBSD's httpd that doesn't support these features. It's hosted in the smallest server (512MB RAM).

I would like to know if there is any problem when browsing from different displays and setups.
Title: Re: Arcadeencasa website
Post by: Jason Knight on 24 Jun 2020, 10:28:19 am
Working across the board here, though one little nitpick? Font size legibility. You start out at 14px@default, but then use "smaller" dropping it below 12px@default. That's too tiny even when it becomes 23px on my 4k 55" media center.

Also the scripting, that one you pulled from for_others should probably be re-written to use elementals since you have it in there already... though I'd say wait on that until I get Elementals 4 live. :D

Even on freeBSD even with so little RAM I'd consider getting a "real" server software in there to get gzip working.  Just how cheap is that hosting since I don't think I've even seen plans under a gig in ages... though I don't do shared hosting anymore and go strictly self-managed VPS.

I mean, unmanaged you can get a 2gb RAM / 2 cores / 60 gig SSD / 1mbps unmetered plan ( for $10/mo from the folks I use in either NY or Germany.
Title: Re: Arcadeencasa website
Post by: fgm on 24 Jun 2020, 03:06:52 pm
Thank you for the tips. I've used nginx in this server and it supports gzip and custom 404 pages, so I'll consider switching to it.

I'm currently paying around 6€ a month for a Micro instance at Exoscale. I hired a VPS from Afterburst some years ago, they offer a great service and best bang for the buck in my experience... I plan to move when I need more server resources.