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Title: Is their a link to show the latest posts?
Post by: John_Betong on 27 Aug 2020, 10:59:37 pm

I have searched and unable to find a link to the latest posts and if there is not one is it possible to add the link.

I am a member of a Discourse forum and find navigation is far more use friendly. I find the relevant Discourse link is ideal for keeping abreast of topics.

This forum does show new topics but and a big but, once viewed they disappear and not easy to find :(
Title: Re: Is their a link to show the latest posts?
Post by: Jason Knight on 28 Aug 2020, 01:19:52 am
It's in a bad spot with SMF. It's on the forum index down with the stats section.

Right above [More Stats] You'll see a link: "View the most recent posts on the forum."

Direct link:

I might try and squeeze that into the avatar area top-right. Though the "show unread posts since your last visit" is a kissing cousin.

It's funny though, you like discourse, I think their UI is useless shit. Half the time I can't even find the timestamps for when things were posted, or navigate posts due to the complete lack of organization.

Like this useless crap:

Where they tell you when there was last activity, but not when the thread itself was created. Herpa-freaking-derp. You think over-bumps of dead threads is bad on normal forums? Discourse makes it a total ****-show.

Though a lot of that seems to be that discourse out of the box -- and most of the skins people write for it -- have undersized fixed metric fonts and garbage layouts that break when you try to zoom. /fail/fail/ at web development. I do not understand the appeal.