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HTML / CSS / Re: CSS Houdini - Thoughts?
« Last post by Jason Knight on 17 Jan 2022, 08:22:51 pm »
It's typecasting for custom properties. Much like with what typescript tries to do for JavaScript it just makes you type more, using a more cryptic syntax, in an attempt to make the basic language into something it is not.

And much like Typescript, if you can't keep track of the usage of your "variables", you're either using too much code, or haven't mastered the most basic of concepts.
HTML / CSS / Re: CSS Houdini - Thoughts?
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 16 Jan 2022, 03:47:00 pm »
I think I can hear Jasons response from here, but I look forward to his actual rant and will the popcorn at the ready!
HTML / CSS / Re: CSS Houdini - Thoughts?
« Last post by coothead on 16 Jan 2022, 11:48:52 am »
Hi there  Gary-SC,

there may be some merit in the...

Basic example

...but as a totally insignificant coder I, personally, would
very rarely feel a need to make use of it.  ::)

Perhaps one of our  professional coders  here may offer
you some more profound reasons for employing it.  ;)

JavaScript / Re: Resize Observer: Is it a good idea?
« Last post by Gary-SC on 15 Jan 2022, 07:37:37 pm »
Thank you all for your insights. I had a gut feeling that it was a BS idea, but I wanted to consult with others who know better.
HTML / CSS / CSS Houdini - Thoughts?
« Last post by Gary-SC on 15 Jan 2022, 07:34:48 pm »
I came across "CSS Houdini" the other day as I read through the MDN Web Docs site:

Does anyone here have any thoughts on it? Is it a good idea or a bullcrap idea to accommodate incompetent? Or just new and different?
HTML / CSS / Re: Jason’s Hamburger
« Last post by Jason Knight on 14 Jan 2022, 06:24:08 am »
Oh, and as to DETAILS and SUMMARY, they are often grammatically/semantically incorrect in their behavior on non-visual devices, they are harder to animate, and often have behavioral hooks we DON'T want such as still collapsing on large screens where we don't want the hamburger behavior.

Remember one of the keys to accessible and responsive design is what it does across everything, not just visually at a magical single screen size. In that way, DETAILS/SUMMARY can actually be a negative for things like mobile menus... or even just menus in general.
HTML / CSS / Re: Jason’s Hamburger
« Last post by Jason Knight on 14 Jan 2022, 06:20:43 am »
The failure on the iTampon is the result of iOS being shit in terms of its handling of touch behaving like a click on desktop. If I had my way I'd tell the nose-breathing half-tweets dumb enough to light money on fire with crApple's bullshit vendor lock-in, predatory practices, and sleazy dirtbag LIES to go plow themselves.

But I don't have that choice, which is why my article on medium from a couple weeks ago on a new technique:

Has had a scripted fix appended to it. Which pisses me off even MORE given it's making me throw garbage JS at a technique that lets me skip using JS everywhere else. But that's why Safari and iOS in general are "The new IE" recreating every single type of struggle we had in the past.

Since like it or not, we're stuck supporting their rinky poorly made garbage that only cultists who've drunk too deeply of the tainted flavor-aid could possibly sing the praises of.

For those who've used up their free medium reads, please join so I get half your membership fee forever...

Only half joking, I'm not that mercenary about it. Here's the associated codepen from the article which basically gives away the secret sauce.

Again, sucks it needs JS assistance for the overpriced half-assed rinky poorly manufactured "Your data isn't yours' mental-midgetry that are iOS devices, but whaddaya gonna do? Nuke Cupertino from orbit?

It's the only way to be sure...

Seriously, if any other company pulled half the bullshit that crApple has the past 45 years, everyone even remotely involved in decision making would be serving jail time. Predatory doesn't even start to cover it.

But lemme tell ya what I really think...
HTML / CSS / Re: Jason’s Hamburger
« Last post by John_Betong on 13 Jan 2022, 06:07:39 am »
Many thanks for the links. Removing cookies, etc on a tablet is no mean task, I’ve tried unsuccessfully with several browsers :(

Jason’s Hamburger failed on my iPad using Safari :)

The latest site I’m building using CSS Details and Summary works flawlessly I’m delighted to say… and with no frills, etc

HTML / CSS / Re: Jason’s Hamburger
« Last post by coothead on 13 Jan 2022, 05:18:49 am »
Quote from: John_Betong
I can no longer read the former article because reluctant
 to subscribe and unable to find the latter source.

I was going to say that, there is  no need to subscribe just
remove the site's cookies, but that no longer seems to
fully work.

No problem, disabling javascript in conjunction with the
cookie removal will  resolve the problem.

Here, for a working example, is the...

Building A More Accessible And Simpler “Hamburger” Menu that you were seeking...

HTML / CSS / Jason’s Hamburger
« Last post by John_Betong on 12 Jan 2022, 08:24:25 pm »
Jason recently created a article and also a link in his  I can no longer read the former article because reluctant to subscribe and unable to find the latter source.

I would be grateful for links to the articles.

I was also wondering why Hamburger menus seldom use CSS Details and Summary since they seem ideal for the initial “summary” message and revealed links.
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