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HTML / CSS / Re: Positioning elements
« Last post by Jason Knight on 25 Jan 2023, 11:22:17 am »
I'm not even sure what you mean by "slider buttons" or what that code you presented has to do with said page.

Do you mean the testimonials area so far down the page NOBODY is going to read that far?

Laugh is, I think scrollbars can now function that way without the need for scripting or excess radio buttons. I'd have to play with it though.
HTML / CSS / Re: Positioning elements
« Last post by mtness on 25 Jan 2023, 06:20:51 am »
Hi there,
IMHO, neglect the
Code: [Select]
transform and just leave the directional buttons at the bottom,
It really doe not make a great difference visually. Depends on what you want to achieve with your site.

HTML / CSS / Positioning elements
« Last post by AndrewTraub on 24 Jan 2023, 05:41:16 pm »
I'm having trouble positioning the javascript added slider buttons on my home page at

The CSS is primarily this:

Code: [Select]
.carousel-container .carousel-actions {
    display: flex;
    width: 100%;
    justify-content: space-between; /* put space between the navigation buttons */
    /*position: absolute; /* position navigation buttons on top */
    /*top: 50%; /* center navigation buttons on the slide */
    transform: translateY(-600%); /* align navigation buttons */

If I position it absolute with top at 50% and transform: translateY(-50%) I thought it would center it, but it makes the containing div too large and also puts the buttons who knows where. My hack has been to disable the absolute and top positioning and ramp up the negative Y translation.

Any help would be appreciated.
Other Web Programming / Re: antiClick Jacking
« Last post by coothead on 21 Jan 2023, 05:36:46 am »
Quote from: GrumpyYoungMan
...I think to myself “what would Jason say to this!”

You've been a very naughty boy. 

Other Web Programming / Re: antiClick Jacking
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 21 Jan 2023, 02:20:28 am »
Jason, please don’t ever change!

I like your spade is a spade and I won’t dress it up approach!

When I get the time to sit in front of the computer as I work I think to myself “what would Jason say to this!”
Other Web Programming / Re: antiClick Jacking
« Last post by Jason Knight on 20 Jan 2023, 05:56:01 pm »
Don't take this the wrong way, but you know me... that has to be one of the worst scripts I've ever seen. I'm not even sure WTF anyone would even think that would do to stop clickjacking. Not only does it tell non-scripted users to go plow themselves, not a single thing it does would prevent framing.

You have it correct that the proper answer is simply to deny the page being opened in a frame.

X-Frame-Options: DENY

Being the correct header. If you are backing the system with PHP you can just:


At the start of your code. If you're hosted on Apache you can do it in the .htaccess or conf.httpd

Header append X-Frame-Options: DENY

Though I prefer to wrap that rule in file matching alongside the cache-control and font hosting fixes.

Code: [Select]
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
<FilesMatch "\.(ico|jpg|jpeg|png|webp|gif|swf|avi|wmv|mp4|ogg|js|css|woff|woff2|ttf|eot|otf|svg)$">
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2592000, public"
<FilesMatch "\.(woff|woff2?)$">
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
<FilesMatch "\.(htm|html|php|pl)$">
Header set X-Frame-Options: DENY

Only sending that header for files that require it. The CSP thing is more hoodoo voodoo and opens a can of worms an older codebase might not be ready for, and X-Frame-Options has worked for 20+ years so... I don't see browsers dropping support for it any time soon.
Other Web Programming / Re: antiClick Jacking
« Last post by AndrewTraub on 19 Jan 2023, 08:57:29 am »
Thanks. My own research indicates that the prevention needs to come server side, using something like changing the X-Frame-Options or the content security policy. Now I just have to figure out how to do that in Apache.
HTML / CSS / Re: quotes are optional again...
« Last post by mtness on 18 Jan 2023, 02:15:24 pm »
And not only that -

the w3c validator discourages the use self-closing tags since a while
[ ]

Hell, it even allows to ommit closing li's and the like...
I will never get use this and  I prefer it my way.

(with self-closing tags and closing tags. and quotes)

Best regards, MT
Other Web Programming / Re: antiClick Jacking
« Last post by mmerlinn on 18 Jan 2023, 02:08:30 pm »
Andrew, for an explanation of click jacking and options to foil, check out this link:
Other Web Programming / Re: antiClick Jacking
« Last post by Dave on 18 Jan 2023, 01:27:53 pm »
Try it and see? Seems like the fastest way to answer your question.
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