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PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 10 Apr 2021, 09:23:09 am »
Windows didn’t moan about the Ryzen 7 change for me either... :)
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 10 Apr 2021, 09:13:23 am »
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by John_Betong on 9 Apr 2021, 08:51:14 pm »
Finally did my upgrade. As I posted on facepuke

Hi Jason,
I expected more from you than snide remarks about a free platform where you frequently post.

Why not post your thoughts and feelings on Facebook?

Please feel free to delete this post.
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by Jason Knight on 9 Apr 2021, 06:26:02 pm »
Finally did my upgrade. As I posted on facepuke:

Went in smooth as silk, though I spent an hour looking for my tube of KPX. Almost broke down and used either TX-4 or NH-T-H1, but I didn't want to skimp. ALMOST used my homebrew paste which works almost as good, but the graphite in it chews up the IHS and sinks too much. Yes, I've been playing with making thermal compound!

Performance numbers are what I expected.

Fun I still had a link to the same rig running GB5 from a year ago, for a complete 1:1 comparison.

Now if I could actually source a RTX 3060 TI or 3070 at MSRP... which at this point seems to basically be made out of unobtainium.

My old Ryzen 5 3600 is getting a new mobo and RAM for a rebuild of a friend's rig. Their i7 4770k is good, but not good enough.

Oh, I was also pleasantly surprised it didn't invalidate Windows. I did a swap a couple weeks ago for a friend from a  socket 1150 i3 (forget which one) to a Xeon E3-1270 v3 (roughly equal to a non-k 4770, hell of a jump) and Winblows started complaining right at boot.

Side note, if you're looking to bargain build a reasonably powerful rig, the "new but old chipset" Chinese socket 1150 motherboards and a $60 used Xeon can work wonders. Just beware the E3-1270 comes in both 1150 and 1155 flavors. The 1155's are the non-versioned and the V2. The V3 fits socket 1150 and runs about 20% faster despite being the same architecture. Runs circles around most of what $150 will get you in a mobo and CPU during this silicon shortage and scalper price-gouging.
Squire/Paladin General Discussion / Re: A Sample Website Created by Paladin
« Last post by mmerlinn on 1 Apr 2021, 02:50:17 pm »
If you always have a zip code available, you can dump the manual lookups for both the states and the cities.
Squire/Paladin General Discussion / A Sample Website Created by Paladin
« Last post by xmohamadx on 1 Apr 2021, 08:06:49 am »

The CMS is the same as the latest version of Paladin, just with a few additional functions and codes, nothing important.
It contains "News", "Articles", and "Books"(can extends to Products), and I filled them with random data, stored in the database.
and in the bottom menu, there are "About Us", "Contact Us" and "Donate", the "Contact Us" is not a modal dialog. And on the other side, social network icons can be, I made one as an example.

I first designed the template completely based on the cutcodedown template, with support of older versions of IE, and then decided to dump IE so updated the HTML and CSS, and a month later decided to update the template to Paladin default template to include "vars"(which is so interesting option) and support modal dialog, light/dark theme, and that pin header. So the CSS may contain dead code and still need to edit.
So the template is based on the Paladin default template but has small differences. For example, there is an image for h1 as the logo that I hope Jason Knight confirms the way I did that.
other images should be optimized, but I just left them for now.
I made a font for Icons to get rid of the font awesome with that giant icon numbers and large size. Also, included the "Poppins" font to decrease download time.

On the shipping page, first, you select the state and hit submit, then cities come up based on the selected state, and again you have to hit submit to go to the next step(not all cities imported to the database). I made it in this way so that it can work without JavaScript, as Jason Knight always recommends making it work without JS, but I'm not sure making that steps on the shipping page is the best way or not, and also, I didn't write a script to do it if JavaScript is enabled.

For the admin panel, I just added the "Orders" section. The "News", "Articles" and "Products" remained. You can log in with:

There is still room for improvement, happy to hear any problem you see.
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 31 Mar 2021, 10:53:37 am »
Upgraded the BIOS and the CPU today, all went as easy as expected, I also took the opportunity to clean out the case while it was stripped...
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 30 Mar 2021, 07:44:05 am »
Thanks for the feedback Jason I appreciate it!

I did check the support but sometimes it's nice to have some human feedback, so a 9 may be overkill for how I use a computer, so maybe the 7 would be a happy compromise? as surely my old 5 should have some value still?

As I am using OEM Windows this would count as one of the hardware changes allowable?
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by Jason Knight on 30 Mar 2021, 05:13:46 am »
You're fine. Unlike other manufacturers I could name, AM4 support is pretty wide, and CPU's of a single generation on AMD are 100% 1:1 swappable. If you've got a Ryzen 5 3600, any Ryzen 2xxx or 3xxx will work.

In your case being B450M chipset instead of vanilla 450, it's ready to go with even the Ryzen 5xxx series.

Whenever you have a question like this, check the manufacturer's website:

Again though I would suggest flashing to the latest BIOS (F60) just to be safe:

Because your board supports the 5000 series, I'd really suggest trying to get a 5800X instead of the 3900X.  Whist you give up 4 cores and 8 threads, the IPC uplift balances it out and Zen3 brings a few more tricks to the table in being able to stay boosted higher due to the higher core efficiency and lower core counts.

See the geekbench results:

That single core efficiency difference REALLY offsets the core count difference. Since they generally are the same price (depending on availability) unless you're REALLY going crazy with multi-threaded workloads, I would go for the more recent chip.

You really have to keep in mind that unless you're doing a lot of things like video rendering or transcoding, core counts have diminishing returns for general computing tasks, at least with software being where it's at currently -- and for the foreseeable future. It really seems like 6 cores is sufficient, 12 cores is the sweet spot, and 16/up is just overkill when/if you have the choice of something with a higher single core IPC.

Kind of like how a decade ago unless you were building a server, 4 cores 8 threads was the sweet spot, and 6/12 and up didn't really do anything for normal users.
PC Hardware / Re: The NEW 2020 AMD Zen 3
« Last post by GrumpyYoungMan on 30 Mar 2021, 03:22:43 am »

Please supply your personal Ryzen login details so that I can access the link :)
Lol, I’m NOT that stupid, I may look it, but I’m not quite! 🤪😂😂😂😂

Is the site Geo-blocked?

Just no access:
Access DeniedYou don't have permission to access "" on this server.[/size]Reference #18.4d4e402d.1617086788.994e98e[/size]
This is the processor I was thinking of changing to AMD Ryzen 9 3900X AM4
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