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Author Topic: Coronavirus: CONVID-19 - 2020  (Read 78 times)


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Coronavirus: CONVID-19 - 2020
« on: 17 Mar 2020, 08:06:36 am »
Stay safe everyone, and do what you need to...

I think the UK approach is the most sensible due to the fact I think we all need to get it and recover from it - it's more the case of slowing it down - we are also probably the best nation to get this and deal with it due to our taxpayer funded health system.

I think a total lockdown won't help as you need immnity which you won't get if you shutdown the country!
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Re: Coronavirus: CONVID-19 - 2020
« Reply #1 on: 17 Mar 2020, 10:49:59 am »
Convid-19 goes for the lungs and causes pneumonia which is not good for us old farts. Whats the death ratio for old people in the UK deaths/immunity? Bet Old Coot knows.
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Re: Coronavirus: CONVID-19 - 2020
« Reply #2 on: 17 Mar 2020, 01:18:15 pm »
Convid-19 goes for the lungs and causes pneumonia which is not good for us old farts. Whats the death ratio for old people in the UK deaths/immunity? Bet Old Coot knows.

Young kids like you need not worry at all.

Here is an interesting take from a retired doctor involved in the SARS "epidemic:"
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Re: Coronavirus: CONVID-19 - 2020
« Reply #3 on: 17 Mar 2020, 03:57:26 pm »
Quote from: sunfighter
What's the death ratio for old people in the UK deaths/immunity?
Bet Old Coot knows.

Actually, old coothead couldn't give a fig8)

 I just smile benignly.  ;)

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Re: Coronavirus: CONVID-19 - 2020
« Reply #4 on: 18 Mar 2020, 01:04:57 am »
due to the fact I think we all need to get it and recover from it
Problem is a large portion of the population CAN'T recover from it, and if it's widespread even people who normally could recover cannot -- because we lack the sheer number of professionals, equipment, and resources to keep them alive.

I often like to compare disease control to counter-terrorism. It faces many of the same problems with the general population that people forget what the worst case is like, they forget that it's a worst case that could -- and WILL -- happen if precautions are not taken.

The ideal situation is that if the people involved do their jobs, and the correct precautions are taken, NOTHING HAPPENS! -- that's a good thing, but it makes it hard for those who made sure nothing happen to be taken seriously when they talk about threats. In CT it's even worse, since letting any information that something COULD have happened and was stopped could compromise ongoing operations.

... and that's the thing, the precautions to make sure it is not millions dead will be seen as unnecessary after the fact because millions didn't die. Guys, THAT'S THE POINT.

Worst case, if you just let everyone get it, you're looking at collapsing the capacity of any healthcare system in the world to treat those who need care and treatment. We're talking millions of dead if efforts to contain it aren't maintained... and generally it's the young, the elderly, and the poor

But of course that's why so much of the current popularist rhetoric reeks of just more of waging war not on poverty, but upon the poor themselves.

As it is even with precautions the disease numbers are doubling daily, and in many places that's more than enough that the hospitals can't keep up with the people who genuinely need care to survive even the simplest of side effects like pneumonia.

Given it is more infections than the common flu, given the infection rate basically doubles every day, and given the numbers of the "horrificl" 2017 to 2018 numbers here in the colonies, a real-world worst case scenario should be around 4.6% of a countries population dead ASSUMING medical care can keep up.

That's 15 million dead in the US, and over 3 million in the UK.

And yet in spite of those realities, we already have reports of dipshits here in the US holding "Covid parties" like they do the huffing measles. Another deadly disease know-nothing luddites who do their "internet research" want to bring back.

But again, the people of most first world nations haven't faced proper epidemics since before WWII. They cannot conceive of the idea of so many dead at once you can't even keep up with getting the bodies out of homes or off the streets so they're just left where they are. They cannot conceive that just because you "feel" healthy it could still kill out. The arrogant, narcissistic "It could never happen to me".

Kind of like how detached from the idea of famine or even widespread starvation is for anyone in a first-world nation under the age of 80. They're unaware of it, never seen it, and unable to grasp the concepts. Unlike say, our friends in Ukraine who got to witness such horrors AFTER the second world war....

... and why I'm truly dismayed by the blank stare I get when I say "corporate farm conglomerates are just capitalist collectivization". Won't be long before either the mega-rich swallowing up all the wealth or the hippy dippy "organic food" whackjobs lead us into famine that's as bad as any pandemic.

Though that all adds up to the biggest problem, the utter sociopathic mindset that the hippy / boomer / me / yuppy  generation reveled in and promoted in all who came after. It's all about them. For every person that was out there protesting civil rights, you had a dozen little stoner ****'s who were dropping out, shooting up, turning on. They weren't protesting, they were looking for a reason to get high and drop out of society rather than doing anything that might fix it. Is it any wonder they became the leisure-suit wearing "did all the drugs so that there'd be nothing left but crack by the '90's" dirtbags in their 20's, and the corporate raiding suit-wearing greed greed and more greed slimeballs by the time they were thirty-somethings.

And it's that same level of sociopathic lack of empathy and narcissistic self-interest that drives much of the rhetoric and stupidity of most of today's Luddite-esque ignorance. The "I've got mine, screw everyone else" attitude that is painfully prevalent in today's society at nearly every level.

Hence why when I hear "oh we should just have everyone get it, skip the quarantine nonsense" my brain translates it into "Why should I be inconvenienced for a month or two just because it might save someone else's life".

Because that's REALLY what those with said attitude are saying.

Side note, as this is a highly political topic when you get into REAL answers and REAL discussion, I'm moving it to the zoo.
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