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Author Topic: Any boards / sub boards you folks would like to see?  (Read 97 times)

Jason Knight

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Any boards / sub boards you folks would like to see?
« on: 24 Oct 2019, 02:15:56 pm »
I tossed up the ones that are present off the top of my head, but just curious what board areas you folks think are missing.

Up front though, the following WILL NOT be added:

Advertising/Job listings.

Be it for advertising one's web development services, promotion of websites for advertising, or job listings. This is a place for developers -- new and expert alike -- to discuss development. We are not here to compete with or act like a classifieds.

Now, if it comes up during trying to help someone, "hey, can I pay you to fix it?" that's FINE. It's just not going to get its own section on these forums.

Affiliate marketing, link farming/exchange, domain sales, site flipping, and other such scammy behavior.

If I have to explain why, well... you've probably been suckered by a scam or scam artist. There are so many people taking advantage of others in this industry, the last thing we need is to encourage them.

Mind you if you have a site that's doing one of these things, and need help with the code of said site be it server-side or client side, then fine. That's all well and good go ahead and ask in the appropriate sub-forum, but these are NOT getting their own sub-forum apart from perhaps the hidden "evidence locker".

That's my thoughts so far, any forum sections you folks would like to see, or that should be added to the "we're not doing this" list? I'm open to suggestions and ideas both for and against.

"It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit." -- Kelly Johnson