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Author Topic: HTTP 2 Push / SPDY... Fact? Fiction? Placebo?  (Read 56 times)

Jason Knight

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HTTP 2 Push / SPDY... Fact? Fiction? Placebo?
« on: 29 Oct 2020, 12:56:52 am »
Just wrote an article on Medium about how a (potential) client's site they've loaded up on trickery to try and compensate for their bloated code spread out over several dozen files. In trying to diagnose it and build up a proposal/contract, I noticed that their PUSH was acting funky. It was only triggering intermittently, and when it WASN'T working the pages were faster.

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You can find my findings in the article:

Though to summarize, Push was not slowing the site down "really", it was just making deeper rooted issues worse... but when I made a synthetic test, I found that in general a slight push is ok, a giant push introduces problems, and overall what little benefit it actually makes is more related to if your code is bloated BS or not.

It may in fact be a placebo and/or be useless if you just write minimalist code in the first place. A shame since I've been a advocate for it, because I've advocated reducing the total file counts/handshakes as a way to speed up websites for decades.

I don't like this conclusion, but right now the facts in front of me say HTTP 2 push is more placebo than fact; at least for how I build websites.
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