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Author Topic: Installation Guide  (Read 951 times)

Jason Knight

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Installation Guide
« on: 30 Nov 2020, 05:52:06 am »
Step 1, download the .zip file of the most recent milestone. Directories for each milestone can be found here:

Step 2, unpack it somewhere convenient

Step 3, edit /user.ini.php and change setupPassword="" to something unique

Step 4, on your hosting create a database with associated user and proper permissions.

Step 5, edit /index.php and add your PDO login credentials. You can also edit the table prefix so if desired multiple copies can co-exist in one database. handy for those of you who are only allowed one DB on your hosting.

Step 6, upload it to your hosting if you've not already done so.

Step 7, navigate to where you installed it in a browser, and manually add "/setup" to the end of your URI to start the setup.

Step 8, enter the password you created in step 3 as well as a username and password for the administrator user account.

Step 9. Enjoy. It's installed.
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