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Author Topic: A Sample Website Created by Paladin  (Read 840 times)


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A Sample Website Created by Paladin
« on: 1 Apr 2021, 08:06:49 am »

The CMS is the same as the latest version of Paladin, just with a few additional functions and codes, nothing important.
It contains "News", "Articles", and "Books"(can extends to Products), and I filled them with random data, stored in the database.
and in the bottom menu, there are "About Us", "Contact Us" and "Donate", the "Contact Us" is not a modal dialog. And on the other side, social network icons can be, I made one as an example.

I first designed the template completely based on the cutcodedown template, with support of older versions of IE, and then decided to dump IE so updated the HTML and CSS, and a month later decided to update the template to Paladin default template to include "vars"(which is so interesting option) and support modal dialog, light/dark theme, and that pin header. So the CSS may contain dead code and still need to edit.
So the template is based on the Paladin default template but has small differences. For example, there is an image for h1 as the logo that I hope Jason Knight confirms the way I did that.
other images should be optimized, but I just left them for now.
I made a font for Icons to get rid of the font awesome with that giant icon numbers and large size. Also, included the "Poppins" font to decrease download time.

On the shipping page, first, you select the state and hit submit, then cities come up based on the selected state, and again you have to hit submit to go to the next step(not all cities imported to the database). I made it in this way so that it can work without JavaScript, as Jason Knight always recommends making it work without JS, but I'm not sure making that steps on the shipping page is the best way or not, and also, I didn't write a script to do it if JavaScript is enabled.

For the admin panel, I just added the "Orders" section. The "News", "Articles" and "Products" remained. You can log in with:

There is still room for improvement, happy to hear any problem you see.


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Re: A Sample Website Created by Paladin
« Reply #1 on: 1 Apr 2021, 02:50:17 pm »
If you always have a zip code available, you can dump the manual lookups for both the states and the cities.
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