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Author Topic: Is Agile Development Bullshit? ALMOST!  (Read 544 times)

Jason Knight

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Is Agile Development Bullshit? ALMOST!
« on: 7 Dec 2021, 12:26:05 am »
The past few years I've seen a lot of manure being shoveled Agile's way... and towards other development processes like SCRUM or Waterfall. Now, most of you would expect me to just pile on that bandwagon of malevolence -- it's kind of my thing -- but honestly my opinion of all of these "systems" is... meh.

If there's blame for where Agile and its ilk go wrong, well... I wrote about it here:

The problem is NOT Agile. The problem as always is rooted in misunderstanding that leads to ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude. 
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