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Author Topic: Render icon  (Read 178 times)


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Render icon
« on: 9 Dec 2022, 03:37:54 pm »
This is my css (which works fine):
[class]:after {
--icon: "\f2ed";
content: var(--icon);

This is the javascript I need to change the icon variable:
this.icon = "\f2ee";

but if "\f2ed" is passed, the "\f" is removed and an error thrown. I'm sure I'm missing something simple to prevent the \f being stripped so if someone has a quick fix, I'd appreciate it.

Jason Knight

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Re: Render icon
« Reply #1 on: 9 Dec 2022, 03:53:47 pm »
You've got some problems.

1) Object.icon is not the CSS variable (unless you've done something funky

2) Not sure you need to be setting a class there.

3) \f is a JavaScript escape sequence for a "form feed". To store the slash in the string so that CSS will get it, you need to double-slash to get an escaped slash.

See how \\ escapes a single slash, and \f is a form feed?

What you should be doing is along the lines of:

Code: [Select]"--icon", "\\F2ED");

You also have the problem of setting the var --icon on the :after instead of the parent, making it harder to override. But then that [class] thing throws up all sorts of warning flags for me.
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