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Author Topic: What do you think's missing from JS' library?  (Read 212 times)

Jason Knight

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What do you think's missing from JS' library?
« on: 9 Nov 2019, 08:05:39 am »
Elementals.js 4.0 is about ready for launch -- what's really holding it up from hitting RC status is that the documentation needs a complete rewrite as 4.0 is radically different from 3.x, if anything it is closer to how 1.0 was supposed to work as I've dialed back the clock a bit, whilst also dropping IE9/earlier support.

But before I write off on it as feature-complete, is there anything people use in JavaScript for wrapping functions or other helpers that you would consider essential?

elementals.js is more about polyfills, a make helper, views, and an ajax wrapper... but I'm looking for small useful bits of functionality that just plain feel missing from JavaScript.

Any ideas? Mind you, I'm using defineProperty a lot so actual DEFINE as well as calculated properties are possible.

Just looking for anything I don't normally do that might be useful. I know that's a bit vague, but I'm looking for suggestions no matter how wild or mundane.
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