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Author Topic: Open window on same monitor as the parent  (Read 78 times)


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Open window on same monitor as the parent
« on: 14 Aug 2023, 02:30:11 am »
Hi,   so i found this but this is 10+ years old and i am hoping that someone has come up with a much easier way to load a window open on the same monitor as the browser who called it (parent).   I would hate to think that 10 years later we are still having to cheat and do this by manipulating the width and height of both monitors.

Does any of this still hold water...

coothead im working on that ip deal but its opening on my other display.  I dont want to have to depend on the browser or windows to remember if i drag it over, i would like a js solution if possible.   :)

by the way good tip on the frame stuff they usually do block it after a while.   

here is how i did it

Code: [Select]
<td class="new_reg_ip"><a href="javascript:void(0);" title="check ip info" onClick="admin_popitURL('', 308, 620);"><i class="fas fa-link fa-sm"></i><?= htmlspecialchars($val['act_ip']); ?></a></td>

and the  popup function is the same one i used before in the other topic, i just renamed it for admin area js file

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