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Author Topic: Adding images in signature - says you can but its blocked  (Read 34 times)


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Text next to signature says

BBCode and smileys may be used in your signature.

So i tried to add an image to my signature and i got this error..

The following errors occurred when trying to save your profile:
The following BBC is not allowed within your signature: acronym, bdo, black, blue, center, color, email, flash, font, ftp, glow, green, html, img, iurl, left, li, ltr, me, move, php, pre, red, right, rtl, s, shadow, size, sub, sup, table, td, time, tr, tt, u, white.

Are they allowed if we link them (im sure you dont want to support HTML)  even though it would be nice to post some html smiley codes in there  like      👀 or this    👅    but i understand..   Are you atleast allowing img bbcode?


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