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Author Topic: AI is listening to your keyboard  (Read 29 times)


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AI is listening to your keyboard
« on: 22 Aug 2023, 08:43:42 am »
Now the hackers have a new trick.  They employ the social devices you have with listening capability and let AI listen to your keyboard clicks. AI can guess your passwords, website visits, and conversations with 95% accuracy.   

I believe the day will come sooner than we think, that we will either have to put AI in a cage or humanity will be in one.    The world of today is not ours anymore.  It belongs to the new generation and in 50 years the world will look unrecognizable and the USA and what our forefathers wanted will be in the history books only. 

If you don't believe that the war of man against machine has already started i believe you are not in touch with reality.   Its happening right under our feet folks.


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