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Author Topic: SQRL - Secure Quick Reliable Login  (Read 103 times)


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SQRL - Secure Quick Reliable Login
« on: 16 Mar 2024, 02:12:31 am »
Anyone every hear of this...

The video on the page was done back in 2019 and their community forum has not grown.  So im thinking its probably something that failed in application or rejected by the public.   

Bascally i see it as just using QR codes to log in.   Also no matter what we all do, either we have to remember out logins, use the forgot login option, or have some other software remember our login.   

I do agree with him in the video that the worlds smart techs have made user authentication a total mess. 

I see it as layers and layers of patch upon patch and BS ontop of BS so much that its mind bogeling to even work with anymore as a developer, or to even try to find a better way.
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Jason Knight

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Re: SQRL - Secure Quick Reliable Login
« Reply #1 on: 16 Mar 2024, 04:39:35 pm »
Like a great many things, it reeks to me of someone who didn't understand the topic getting frustrated, and trying to make an alternative without the knowledge needed to do so.

It's a trap I think all developers fall into, covering a pit many more fail to climb out of.

Basically it's very easy with no knowledge to go "this sucks, I can do better" without understanding WHY the current state of affairs is how it is, or that maybe -- just maybe it doesn't suck: you do.

Don't believe me? Look at HTMX, bootcrap, failwind, or jQuery.
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