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Author Topic: Is capitalism to blame for the state of the tech industry?  (Read 677 times)


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The tech industry seems to have a serious problems with flash over form. Phones are released with constantly higher specs but with increasingly bloated operating systems and websites to keep up the slow loads of the past, but forcing users to "upgrade" (even using old hardware it made to seem like a bad thing). Websites are incredibly bloated, slow and inaccessible. Worse the tech industry claims credit for them, when what really make a website good is content - produced by writers, artists and people. Somehow the conduit is making more money than the content!

The decisions made also seem to made for the short-term - I think because of the perverse incentive structures of the modern corporations. Limited liability means the in an inherent option like payoff that rewards risky moonshot decisions, since the profit potential is unlimited whilst the cost is capped by bankruptcy.

What do people think? Are these problems caused by capitalism, or just problems that would have happened anyway given human nature?

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Re: Is capitalism to blame for the state of the tech industry?
« Reply #1 on: 10 Apr 2020, 06:24:31 pm »
Apparently no one has any interest in this as I am reviving an old thread.

Capitalism of an by itself is not to blame.  Human greed would cause the same results NO MATTER what the ism is.

We do not have capitalism, we have CRONY capitalism which is bastardized capitalism. Crony capitalism is politically driven and ends with the same results as all other isms - whoever has the power benefits, while all others lose.
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